About Us

We here at 4W Longhorns would like to introduce ourselves. Matt and Heather Wynn along with our 2 sons Caleb and Cole started raising longhorns in 2015. Initially we had started this addicting venture purchasing a registered bull to breed roping stock as Matt and the boys loved to rope. Heather quickly was intrigued with the genetics and began researching blood lines as well as color variations. We had purchased several registered cows and decided to strictly focus on this majestic breed. We took our breeding program much more seriously when we acquired some powerful genetics from some of the most influential leaders in 2019 and have never looked back. Our goal is to breed quality longhorns with outstanding genetics with emphasis on the ultimate overall animal confirmation, body, color and of course horn.

We have enjoyed getting to meet fellow breeders some we now call our closest friends. If you see us at a futurity or sale please introduce yourself as we love meeting new breeders and longtime influencers alike.